Balloon Care

Caring for your balloons.

Foil Balloons

You don’t need us to tell you that balloons are not invincible or that they won’t last forever. Caring for your balloons is vital to get the maximum life possible out of them. On average a 18″ foil balloon filled with helium will remain full for around three to five days. They may float for longer but will start to appear more deflated as they lose helium. You can help to preserve the float time of a balloon by following some simple tips:

  • Keep the balloon indoors.
  • Don’t bash the balloon. Naturally if you hit something with enough force it will cause damage and balloons are no different. Every time a balloon is hit against something you run the risk of the balloon popping or helium escaping.
  • Keep against small surfaces – regardless of how small, a sharp object will pierce your balloon.
  • Keep the balloon in just the right temperature. In cold air helium contracts and will give the balloon a deflated appearance. Warm air will do the opposite and could cause a balloons to explode. Should your balloon appear deflated, putting it back in to a moderately warm room will bring it back to it’s full glory.
  • When we talk heat we mean, air vents blowing hot air, heaters, sunlight, electrical lights and heat from rooms such as kitchens etc.
  • Cold air can come from a breeze through a window, air conditioning or a generally cold room.

Latex Balloons

Latex balloons hold air for a long period of time. In fact oxygen is more of an issue to the longevity of a latex balloon than deflation through loss of air. Naturally if you give the balloon to a dog or unsupervised child, the chances are it will end up popped so that’s a nono! Helium is different with latex balloons however. As helium is a really small particle it does manage to find it’s way through latex quite easily. As a result an untreated helium filled latex will typically last around seven to ten hours, so with this in mind we use a non-toxic sealant that coats the inner wall of the balloon. This stops those pesky little molecules escaping as easily and can result in a treated balloon lasting for up to a couple of days. The best way to preserve latex balloons are to:

  • Keep indoors.
  • Keep away from heat sources (as above latex is just as delicate!).
  • Keep around smooth surfaces, especially around ceilings.
  • Release from the transport bag as soon as possible.
  • Watch out for spotlights – the fittings or heat could cause the balloon to pop.
  • Cold rooms could stop the balloon returning to it’s original shape once back in a warmer room.
  • Children! They love balloons but they also love to see how much of a beating one can take before it goes pop!
  • Doors – trailing balloons have a knack for getting jammed in closing doors.

Bubble Balloons

Caring for your balloons is never more vital than it is with a bubble balloon. We test bubble balloons for a minimum of 18 hours prior to collection or delivery to ensure they float correctly. A full bubble balloon will comfortably float for around several days but don’t be surprised if they last for two or more weeks! Personalisation on the balloon may appear wrinkled after several days however. Again there are some tips (some may be repetitive by now) to keep your balloon floating:

  • Keep indoors, the sunlight may cause oxidation and cause the balloon to appear cloudy.
  • Bubbles are extremely delicate, the slightest pressure or object can pop the balloon.
  • Keep away from varying temperatures. The hot and cold elements effect all balloons, but as with latex, going from a cold room to a warm room may not bring the balloon fully back to life.


Personalisation will remain on a foil balloon in perfect condition for as long as the balloon floats. However, on a latex balloon it is common for it to appear to be bubbling after a day or 2. This is because as the balloon shrinks it naturally alters the state of the vinyl giving it a bubbled look. At this stage the balloon is coming to the end of life and is not a fault issue.

Caring for your balloons – General Care

By caring for your balloons they will bring fun and amazement to many a people young and old. They do, however, take a while to degrade and as a responsible retailer of balloons, we strictly prohibit the release of balloons into the atmosphere. We ask that when you are finished with your balloons you dispose of them responsibly and where possible recycle.

Caring for your balloons – Faulty Balloons

In the unlikely event you experience a fault with your balloon you must immediately contact Roaring Partyz. This must be done on the day of delivery. We only use high quality products from the very best in the ballooning world. We would need to inspect the balloon and a picture up on noticing the fault may held speed up the diagnosis of the problem. Should you not be able to take a picture we would need to inspect the balloon prior to agreeing replacements or a refund. A refund would only be granted up on the balloon being sent back to the manufacturer and them confirming a fault with the balloon. For further information regarding faults, please visit our Terms and Conditions.

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